New1 - About

Centre for Ageing Better was created in 2013 from a generous investment made by the Big Lottery Fund. Our mission is to provide a safe space and a useful resource for the elderly. We want to empower older people to stay active and lead happier, healthier lives.

We understand that there are a significant amount of elders who have made a positive impact upon their community. However, they often do not get the accolades that they deserve. As such, we’ve made it one of our goals to provide a suitable platform for the worldly set to be recognized for their valuable contribution to society.

We strive to promote and advocate crafts and specialties of the elderly in order to keep them active in their respective communities. It is important that those undergoing their autumn years be active participants in their society. They have so much knowledge to impart but rarely have the voice to do so.

We aim to provide clear choices for the elderly in terms of how they can solve their own problems rather than passively reacting to events as they occur. This means being active in their lifestyle choices and making wise decisions. There isn’t a lot of help out there for them.

This is where Centre for Ageing Better hopes to shine.