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contribute - Be A Contributor

We at Centre for Ageing Better are always looking for fabulous content contributors!

Do you think you have it takes to write for us? See if you qualify below:

  • Are you comfortable with writing about the elderly with a compassionate and respectful tone?

Our readers are those presently undergoing their autumn years. They’ve done a lot and seen so many things. As such, they deserve every ounce of respect. Tone is important to us.

  • Are you familiar with services that cater toward those aged 60 and upward?

Hands-on and firsthand knowledge is something that we value. Nothing can truly beat personal knowledge. If you have any particular knowledge of services that are geared toward the elderly, we want to know about it.

  • Are you looking forward to inspiring those in their autumn years?

Everyone, regardless of their age, can use a bit of inspiration. If you specialize toward inspiring the elderly with their lives, we’d love to have you.

  • Are you someone who has worked in elderly relative fields?

We have niches that focus primarily on the varying services that improve, add, and enhance the life of the elderly. As such, we prefer writers who have personal experience in these fields.

  • Are you able to build creative paragraphs in a timely and truthful manner?

Our readers deserve facts. We prefer writers who can deliver punctual and 100% accurate content.

If you feel like you’re going to be a good fit, kindly send us a message or call us at 206-220-5422.