cab bones moving - Getting Those Bones Moving: Two Fun Hobbies That Elders Can Pick Up

Getting Those Bones Moving: Two Fun Hobbies That Elders Can Pick Up

When you’re past the supposed “prime” of your life, it’s important to find new things to try and enjoy. This is particularly useful when being active is important. Today, we’ll be discussing some hobbies that you can pick up even late in your life.


gardening - Getting Those Bones Moving: Two Fun Hobbies That Elders Can Pick Up

Is there really anything as good as getting some sun? Gardening is always a great hobby as it’s a great stress reliever. A lot of senior communities often depict gardening as part of its wellness programs. That’s for a very good reason. There are a lot of health benefits that seniors can obtain from gardening such as exposure to fresh and sunlight.

 It’s an activity that you can enjoy without having to truly physically exert a lot of effort. Regardless of the seasons you experience, there are always plant options that you can start with.

What’s great about gardening is that if you ever wanted to eat healthy, this is a great place to start. You’ll be able to control what you’ll be eating once the harvest is ready. It’s a great way to keep you occupied for long periods of time. And we’re not really talking about the actual time you spend digging and planting or watering. When you plant something, you need to plan months ahead to see when would be the best time to plant. It’s also something that can help sharpen your memory.

Gardening does require a bit of effort though; so remembering that you have to water something in order for it to survive is a good way to keep exercising your memory.

yoga - Getting Those Bones Moving: Two Fun Hobbies That Elders Can Pick Up


Never let anyone tell you that you are too old for yoga. In fact, those that benefit the most from yoga are seniors.

The breathing techniques help seniors stay calm and focused. The gentle exercise is a great way to keep your body healthy. The concentration it takes to remember the poses and follow instructions keeps your memory sharp. Yoga will also enable you to meet other seniors who have picked up the hobby. Being sociable is one of the perks that you get from doing yoga.

Even if you choose to just do yoga at home, it’s completely viable. It’s not even something that will cost you a lot of money. All you need is a mat to keep you in place and a Yoga instructional video playing. It’s very practical and quite good for your health.

A lot of seniors who have taken up yoga do end up being happier and healthier than those that do not. Getting centered and blocking out the unnecessary noise can really boost your wellbeing. When you’re in a happy place, your immunity is stronger. So the benefits of yoga just keep going on and on.

To Close,

Seniors do not need to feel like they’re just wasting away. Getting active through hobbies is a fun and creative way to stay healthy. What’s great about gardening and yoga is that it is readily accessible.

Do yourself a favor and pick up one of these two hobbies today!