Blog11 - Be Ahead of a Fall Injury: Critical Prevention Tips For You

Be Ahead of a Fall Injury: Critical Prevention Tips For You

Falls are one of the leading causes of injuries in the geriatric population. As such, it is crucial to be proactive about preventing any falls from occurring in your home. As people age, falling becomes more and more likely because of a number of factors.

These factors can include:

  • Loss of mobility
  • Vision problems
  • Side effects of prior medication
  • Lack of traction
  • Obesity

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For those who are over the age of 50, fall-related accidents account for a huge chunk of injuries sustained. When you’re over 65, there is a one in four chance than any fall can result in a rather serious injury.

Prevention Tips

There is really no real way to determine when a fall is going to happen. That’s why they’re called accidents. However, there are very simple and critical steps that you can control so that you don’t end up slipping or falling in your advanced age. Here are a few of them:

Outfit your home for safety

There are a lot of options on how you may increase traction in your home. There are now poured in place safety rubber flooring to increase traction and lessen the occurrence of falls. Make it a habit to clean your home regularly. Any clutter can end up tripping you one day. If you see any rugs that are raised, make sure that they are flat.

It may cost a bit of money but it would be wise to install bars and handrails around your home. That way even in the dark, you can guide yourself properly.

Enlist your doctor’s help

If you ever need to take any sort of medication, it is important that you thoroughly inquire your physician for any side effects. As a senior can have more than one illness at a time, it is crucial that certain medicines do not mix. Or even in the event that they do, you need to ask your doctor for the potential side effects so that you may prepare appropriately.

Also, keep up with your appointments to get the latest update on how you’re doing. Be consistent with your eye checkups.

Buy good footwear

Something as simple as what you choose to go on your feet can save you from falling down. Both indoor and outdoor shoes need to provide suitable traction for you regardless of the weather. It is important that your footwear prioritize function over form. Make sure that they fit properly and that they provide suitable support.

Proactive healthy lifestyle

As one of the main causes of fall injuries are loss of strength or obesity, it is important to invest in your health. Eat healthy and exercise regularly. It would be good to pick up a new hobby or two that enables you to combine fun and exercise.

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Get an aide

It may not be a happy pill to swallow but having someone with you is better than falling. This is truly important if you are quite debilitated by an illness or any sort of medication.

To Close

Falls are completely preventable. It is primarily up to you to fully safeguard yourself from any untimely falls in your autumn years.