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The Critical Importance of a Digital Manager

When you communication is a key ingredient in the success of your organization, a digital manager is crucial. Today, we discuss what a digital manager is its relevance to the Centre for Ageing Better.

With the internet being the preferred medium for research and representation, it is crucial for businesses and organizations to have presentable websites. In order to achieve that, there are several factors to consider: design, images, and content. Representation is important. An organization’s image may be tarnished when incorrect information is presented. If an organization wants to truly stand out from the rest of their peers, fresh and updated content is necessary.

While those fall into different departments, they all usually report to the same person: the digital manager.

What is a digital manager?

These days this position is now commonly referred to as a “digital marketing manager” or even a “digital media manager”. This is the position title of a person who is fully responsible for the overall look and result of a brand or organization’s website.

A digital manager is responsible for organically growing the reach of the brand that they represent.

What does a digital manager do?

This person is the one in charge in making sure that everything is presentable. They’re in charge of developing and maintaining any marketing campaigns currently being sustained by their brand or organization.

They’ll designate assignments regarding improvements to the proper departments. If certain pages aren’t working as they should, IT should step in. If there is new content required, it’s either they make it themselves or get someone who can do the job better. It is all about making sure the website is in optimum working order.

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What skills does a digital manager need?

When a company or an organization looks over the resume of someone applying to be a digital manager, this are usually the skills that stand out:

Basic website design skills

When a digital manager is wholly reliant on IT or a web developer to do small changes, the entire process of web development slows down. It is crucial that a digital manager have a basic understanding of web design.

Particular marketing channel proficiency

While there are a lot of avenues to launch a marketing strategy, being proficient in a particular one is better. Quality strategy is better than quantitative ones.

Speedy and objective thinking

A common mistake that a lot of people make is complying synthesizing themselves with the job that they do. A good digital manager will be able to separate themselves from their work in order to evaluate it objectively.

As for speedy thinking, errors can occur in a blink of an eye. A good digital manager will be able to make quick and proper decisions.

We’re looking around for a Digital Manager!

If you wouldn’t mind working for Centre for Ageing Better, we’d love to consider you. We’re a non-profit organization dedicated to bettering the lives of the elder members of our community.

You can contact us through 206-220-5422 for any questions or concerns.