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The Very Practical Reasons Why Elders Should Never Skimp on Exercise

Elders must never think that exercise is cumbersome. Exercise can provide a whopping amount of benefits for anyone in their autumn years. Let’s discuss the very practical reason why those in their autumn years should never skimp on exercise.

Let’s talk body

When your age hits 40, it’s a sad truth of life that your body’s metabolism is going to slow down. So imagine what it’s like when you’re in what’s considered to be the “geriatric” age. Healing takes longer and fats get harder to burn.

When you’ve gotten older, illnesses take longer to pass. The wear and tear of your body will start to show. Yes, we understand that may sound quite such a downer. However, the world isn’t as glum as we’re describing it to be. At least, it doesn’t have to be if you’re smart about it.

Of course, we’re talking about not skimping on exercise.

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Why shouldn’t a geriatric skimp on exercise?

There are a lot of things that can pose as a risk to your health when you’re in your autumn years. When you don’t exercise, you up your chances of getting hurt significantly. Let’s look at some things that you’ll be at risk for when you skimp out on exercise:

Fall injury

Fall injuries in senior citizens are fairly high. It is the number one source of injuries in senior citizens. When you like in places like the UK or the USA—where certain seasons are really unfriendly—there is significantly more risk for falling.

Regular exercise can help steady your footing and stability.

Decreased healing

One of the suck-filled things about getting older is that you’re more susceptible to infection. When you get a physical wound, you don’t heal as fast either.

This is because as you age, your body doesn’t recover as fast. This is a sad fact that you can combat with regular exercise. When you make it a habit to exercise, you increase your healing rate by at least 25%. When you keep your body healthy, your immunity is up. When your immunity is up, it is less likely for you to get ill or fall prey to infections.


Muscles often get stiffer as you age. This can lead to trouble down the road especially if you live by yourself. You can keep your muscles limber by consistent exercise. It doesn’t even have to be excessive or prolonged. By doing a few stretches, you maintain a proper range of motion as you continue to age.

Gradual Weakness

One thing you can expect when you grow older is the eventual loss of strength in your overall body. If you don’t take care of yourself, your bones can become brittle and your stamina can drop. By exercising consistently, you can fight the gradual loss of strength.

You can make use of weights or resistance bands. You can even try simple calisthenics.

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To summarize

Exercise isn’t something that the elderly can afford to skimp on. In order to remain healthy both physically and mentally, exercise is truly important. Remember, being consistent is good.