cab ageing - Time to get to know the Centre for Ageing Better!

Time to get to know the Centre for Ageing Better!

With all things, it’s important to get a better understanding of it. With that in mind, the Centre for Ageing Better is giving you this closer vision into its history and continued advocacy.

Who is the Centre for Ageing Better?

This centre was founded and funded by the Big Lottery Fund. It started with a £50M investment which has been used wisely and properly. To this day, the Centre for Ageing Better has its doors open to provide a valuable service to the elderly community.

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What do they do?

The Centre has realized that there is a consistently increasing number of elderly in society. While most people have written off the elderly as a burden, the Centre looks at them as a valuable resource for society. The elderly also pose as a proper challenge for public services and a general wellbeing of society.

With that in mind, the Centre aims to provide an important service by tapping into the unused resource that is the elderly community. The Centre’s goal is to provide suitable and factual evidence that appropriately identifies which processes work toward providing a good quality of life for the elderly. This refers to home, health, and even work. Yes, we believe that just because you are in your autumn years this does not mean that you should give up working if you don’t want to.

A common concern that we have heard through the years is that those that found self-worth and fulfillment in their employed years tend to feel adrift once they retire. We’re here to tell you that there are now other viable options of employ to keep even the grumpiest workaholic happy.

The Centre aims to fully empower the elderly into staying active, helping them establish an active role in maintaining good health, and providing a suitable platform for recognition.

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What are the Centre’s core principles?

Community empowerment

The primary goal of Centre for Ageing Better is to foster positive communities for the elderly. We aim to promote and cultivate positive environments where the senior citizens are engaged, active, and highly valued. There is so much that any community can learn from what the elders have seen in their long years. We aim to tap into that for the benefit of all.

Promoting self-sustainability

The moment you become an adult, you ideally become self-sufficient and are able to sustain your own livelihood. There is no reason for this to stop once you have become an elder. The Centre aims to cultivating other talents in the elders and helping them find avenues in which they are able to sustain an income.

Continuing refinement

We understand that any process will have hiccups. As such, it is one of our principles to continuously strive to suitably identify processes that do not work and replace them with something new.

To summarize

The Centre for Ageing Better works to provide an overall better quality of living for those undergoing their autumn years. When we all work to provide a better environment for those who have taken care of us, we will be all better for it.